Five New Oral History Interviews Added

Over the course of the spring semester, students in American University’s Local and Community History course worked with the members of SHARC to conduct five oral history interviews. The transcribed interviews include ones with Nkechi Feaster, Alisa Hill, James Shabazz, Terry Lewis, Chapman Todd, and Mark Anderson. Anderson and Todd have not been homeless themselves, but both have worked as advocates on issues related to homelessness and poverty in Washington, DC for over two decades. Lewis and Anderson reflect on their experiences with Mitch Snyder in the 1980s. Shabazz addresses his experiences as a street vendor. Hill focuses on the unique difficulties faced by homeless families and children. Feaster emphasizes the need for building a movement to hold local and federal politicians accountable to the needs of the people.

Oral histories are finally up!

In the fall of 2012, three AU students, Alison Kootstra, Mary Bergman, and StacieNicole Simmons worked with the group Shelters Housing and Respectful Change to conduct five oral history interviews with Eric Sheptock, David Edwards, Valerie Williams, and Robert Warren.  They can now be listened to, read, and downloaded here.  Additionally, there are sound excerpts and a thematic paper based on the interviews.  Podcasts that utilized the interviews will be available shortly.